socialbooksI wanted to share this wonderful surprise that I received today in the mail.  About a week ago I received a notice from “My Social Books”.  I found it interesting so I decided to check it out.  Well, they collect all your FB post and put them into a book by year.  They were showing me 4 years of posting from my FB profile page.  I clicked on the site to preview and could not believe all the stuff I had posted.  Long story short I ordered the books, thinking this should be fun.

Today I received the books and I have to tell you it was like walking down memory lane.  It included all my images plus the post and replies.  I can’t wait to sit down and savor all the wonderful moments I posted.

In no way am I affiliated with My Social Books ~  If you decide to order I do recommend that you remove the duplicate posting.  I didn’t do that but it still looks good.  You can also edit the cover picture.  Off to read my books!

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