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Q: What kind of clay do you use?

A: I use FIMO Professional clay for all of my sculpting, which I bake at 265F for 30 minutes

Q: How long does it take you to sculpt a figure?

A: It all depends on how complex is the pose and the costuming.  Since I don’t work on them every day it could take me a month or so.

Q: Which process of making the figure you like the best?

A: I like it all…research, finding solutions on how to make everything work, sculpting and costuming. I love the challenge to create something I have been visualizing for a long time.

Q: What size do you like to create your figures?

A: Well, I started in cloth making them 24″ 🙂 Once I started sculpting in clay I dropped down to 10″ (1:6 Scale), which I really like.  I had to learn to change the scale on many things fabric, beads, props etc. which was a challenge.

Q: Why did you change from cloth to polymer clay?

A: With cloth I was not able to achieve the realistic features and poses I wanted to create.

Q: Do you sketch before starting a piece?

A: At times I do sketch depending on how intricate the figure is but when I have something in mind I build it in my head, take it apart and build it again until I am clear how to start.  I do use pictures for reference if I am trying to achieve a certain look I have in mind.

Q: Do you use an armature?

A: Yes, I always start with an armature to achieve the pose I want. Plus, it gives a sturdy structure to sculpt the figure

Q: Do you sell your figures?

A: Yes, but I don’t sculpt to sell.  I sculpt because it is a passion.  I am never ready to get rid of any of my figures.  I like them to hang around so I can enjoy them 🙂


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