A project in the making since 2014, the Merry Widows are making their Premiere in 2017!

Now you too can be a part of this exciting and fun project.

Adele Sciortino & Deb Wood collaborate to bring you this wonderfully unique group of figures. Teaming up and brainstorming this project has brought them huge laughs and many sleepless nights.  It’s all been worth it though as they are very proud of these ladies and are happy to finally be able to share them and their crazy story with you!

We hope you will enjoy the Merry Widows as much as we have,

Adele & Deb

This is the most exciting news of all!

Deb will cover instruction on the sculpting techniques for the character faces, along with construction of the wired armature bodies with sculpted arms and legs, and also some additional accessories.  The bodies are designed to make costuming easier.  She will also include information on wigging/hair styling and finishing work on the faces, hands and feet (sometimes shoes).

Adele will then take over and walk you through the step by step process of pattern drafting, costume design, construction, and accessories.  Adele will show you how to design garments customized for you scupltures.

All of this adds up to creating a stunning group of truly unique, one of a kind Figurative Art Dolls.


If you participate in the full series of classes, you will also get the drafted pattern and instruction on how to make the pine coffin old poor Willy is being buried in!


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